This is the longest route, starting from Taxiarhis and moving in a circle to end up in Myloi, Ano Meria. Initially, the route is the same as the previous one, until the crossroads to Livadaki, which this route follows. The footpath is intact and well marked, and paved in parts. The view from the hill with the countryside chapel of Agii Anargyri is excellent. The footpath then heads downwards, crossing the Skiathitis area and directed towards Livadaki, a sheltered bay with a small pebbly beach. Subsequently, hikers start to climb, reaching a small fork in the path that leads to the particularly picturesque Aspropounta Lighthouse (Faros). Thje main route continues along a footpath at the foot of Trahilos hill, and becomes a dirt road headed in a northerly direction. The last section of the route crosses the Petalakia area and passes above Tzanis gorge, terminating at Stavros church, right by the Myloi (windmills) in Ano Meria.

This route – typically circular – can also be followed backwards: Ano Meria (Myloi) – Aspropounta Lighthouse – Livadaki – Ano Meria (Taxiarhis).

Paths & Trails

  • 3.5km | 60min
    Chora – Stavros – Christos – Fira – Agali
  • 3km | 45min
    Ano Meria – Agios Ioannis Eleimonas – Marmaro – Agios Nikolaos – Agali
  • 4km | 75min
    Ano Meria – Agios Andreas – Agios Georgios – Lygaria – Zoodochos Pigi
  • 2km | 30min
    Ano Meria (Taxiarhis) – Agios Panteleimonas – Ampeli